I am a coffee roaster, specialty coffee industry consultant, super barista and barista trainer.    I sell coffee wholesale at http://www.troubadourcoffee.com.  Most of all, I have been a coffee shop owner & operator on the front lines and know what it takes to make a coffee business successful.

My business plan package at http://www.tonys-coffee-shop-business-plan.com is a one-stop shop for what you really need to know before opening a coffee shop.


However, I can also work with you one on one for a more in depth, customized consulting program.  Learn from my mistakes, and you can save yourself a lot of headaches and trouble and above all, a lot of money.

You can email me at tonyd at java-rocks.com or call me at (216) 647-6419.  An initial chat is always free.  This will determine if I think I can help you.  If so, I will tailor a customized program that will start you in the right direction.  In time, we will work through the program together and get your business to the place it should be:  on top!

So, email me at tonyd at java-rocks.com or call me at (216) 647-6419 now!  You will be glad you did.

Enjoy the reads!  Peace ya’ll!


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