How to Start a Coffee Shop

I get asked if I know ‘how to start a coffee shop’ a lot.  My answer to this is always a simple ‘Yes’.  However the short of it is that is really is not an easy task.  In theory it is, but reality paints another picture.

You see, it’s a complex series of correct moves:  writing a business plan, coming up with a concept, finding a location, obtaining funding, a marketing plan, equipment planning, supplier choices, menu development.  I wish it were a lot easier but it is not.

When I started in this business in 2004 I opened my first shop and had not a clue.  I went into business because I had been in business before in an industry I knew nothing about.  I learned as I went and it all worked out pretty well.  However this time around I figured since I did have a business plan it would be even smoother.  WRONG!

In all reality I pretty much was shooting from the hip.  Had I known how to start a coffee shop, I would have done it right from the beginning and avoided a lot of mistakes, grief and hard-earned money spent unwisely.

Do yourself a favor and use a professional in some way.  Experience comes in many ways and this is one way that it will work to your advantage.

My name is Tony DiCorpo, and I am a coffee roaster, coffee shop business consultant and barista trainer.  I am a coffee shop business consultant and have an eBook I wrote on how to start a coffee shop.

It is worth more than what your investment is in it, and in more ways than one!


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