Social Networking for Your Coffee Shop, Part 1

How do you advertise?  How do you market your coffee shop?  How do you market so customers can buy coffee beans from you? If you are like most shop owners you are being very careful how your marketing dollars are spent.  If you are just planning to open a coffee shop, these tips can lead you to a smoother open.

No wasting money on typical coupons or door hangers right?  In this three part article series, we’ll talk about social networking and how it can benefit your business.

There has been a whirlwind of potential customers coming to light in social media.  This medium is very overlooked but when it’s used it is usually either overdone or done incorrectly.  If you utilize it to the best of its potential you should see an increase in customers and sales.  Here is the first of a few ideas for you to consider:


Talk to the world online.  You may just develop a following not only local, but around the world.  If customers buy coffee beans online from you the national spotlight may just work in your favor.  Google BlogSpot and Word Press are good blogging sites and are very user friendly.  I use Word Press and I really like it. I actually write several blogs and the user dashboard is very easy to set up, even for multiple blogs.

The idea about blogging is to just write what comes to mind, but be careful to keep focused on topic and in most cases, talk about your specific business or its mission, vision and activities.  Whatever you do, don’t trash other businesses or individuals no matter how tempting it is.  Things like that will certainly show immaturity and kill your business.

However, you can blog about specials, events, the way you compost or recycle or how you use only Fair Trade or organic coffee.  You can blog about your baristas latte art or the fact that you are also an artisan roaster that roasts in small batches.  Announce a new coffee varietal that has just arrived or that you now serve lunch.  If you are not open yet, you can blog about how you are starting a coffee shop.  Live it up!

The best part about blogging is that unlike a standard website update,  immediately after you click ‘publish’, the blog sends a ‘ping’ to the search spiders saying ‘hey, there is new information on this blog, come and get it!’  You will see your post show up in relevant search results in a matter of minutes so blogging is great for specials and things you want people to know about right away.

So be sure you use your tags wisely.  Tags are keywords that the search engine filters and stores for your blog.  Keywords enable your posts to come up in search results for a relevant search term when a user types it in to Google or Yahoo!  An example would be  ‘Colombian French roast’ or ‘farmers market in Cleveland Ohio’ or whatever you put in for your tags.  Also be sure to use these keywords in your blog post copy as well as the search engine bots will pick them up and index your blog accordingly.  Be sure everything is relevant for your post.

Next time we will discuss Facebook and Twitter and how to use them to your advantage.  More social networking awaits!

My name is Tony DiCorpo, and I am a coffee roaster, coffee shop business consultant and barista trainer.  I am a coffee shop business consultant and have an eBook I wrote on how to start a coffee shop.  I also own Troubadour Coffee Roasting Co. where I sell coffee and espresso equipment and where you can buy coffee beans.


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